Our View

Cows have been honored with a sacred place in human history that spans cultures and continents. They have provided food, labor, and fuel to our civilizations and have thus been highly valued throughout history, but sadly our modern industrial civilization has lost respect for the generous contributions of these beautiful animals. Today mass factory farms and slaughterhouses the world over torture and kill millions of cows each year. These farms also contribute greatly to overall environmental degradation.
We know there is a better way, truly honorable animal husbandry with proper care and regard for the rights and person of each cow is possible and rewarding. We can have a wholesome relationship with the cows, we don’t need their milk, we just need their dung and urine for fertilizer and we can grow all the veggies we could ever want for health. Cows, when left in peace are part of a cleaner, greener future of simpler living and higher thinking.

We’ve been helping cows for 30 years. We are looking for volunteers to watch over the cows in India and Nepal. We are also looking to build barns, rescue cows from abominable street conditions, improve the fencing of thousands of acres of land that has been set aside for street cows on green and desert lands, and buy hay.

Julian Bliss and the TenMillionCows team have been donated many acres of land in different countries for the cows to graze and not be killed.  The land will be made self sustaining by utilizing the method of scientist Allen Savory who has reclaimed desert areas in Africa using his principal of mob grazing.  The method confines herds to one area for grazing whilst their dung and urine fertilize the soil, and their hooves naturally till the soil.  When the cows are moved to the next contained pasture, the previous one, now fertile, has time to recuperate and produce more grazing for the herd later.  One large acreage can be divided into several confined grazing pastures that alternate from being grazed to being rested.  Thus there is continuous availability of grazing for the cows (and/or goats, buffalo, horses etc.)