India and Nepal

We have begun our gaucharan shalas self sustaining systems( a type of self feeding and free access to clean water systems that also supports the maximum amount of cows on a minimum amount of land. These self grazing systems are on 4 different properties in Haryana The first is in Piplee next to Kurukshetra, We all ready have 3 small cow hospitals and treatment centers for injured cows and rehab here, also we have 11 full time workers and many visitors. We will be updating the web site as work is proceeding with pictures and videos on all properties.” In Nepal we have put in some hard bamboo floors for the small orphan cows to sleep instead of the mud and cow dung piles that was they’re previous bed. We are in the process of leasing other lands in Pokhara and Lumbini for our cow self sustaining cow sanctuaries.

These will be training centers for all people to learn how to use mobile fencing, (not rooted in the ground), that allows cows to live on unused land and make it fertile, stop car accidents with road animals, reduce fighting between butchers and vegetarians. We have 2 other lands in the district of Bhiwani, Haryana where we are developing these systems. They have been inspected regularly by undeniably the greatest cow protector of India Sant Gopal Das ( who fasted 134 days from all food to get the gov, to give back the cow land) which the Government did. Mr. KK Kishan Kumar Super Heavy Weight boxing champion of India will be living full time on these properties with his many gua bhaktas (cow protectors.) Gopal Das Ji and I have appeared on many TV shows and events talking about how to best help the cow and human plight. Dr. Mohan Bajaj Chancellor and director of over 400 Kamdhenu Ahimsa Universities IKAU at an event Sat the 13th of Feb, 2016 in Sisana Harayan spoke highly of how Ten Million Cows inc. can help organize, stabilize and harmonize problems of unwanted cows. Its easy, heart warming and fun.

.With these great personalities all working together not only will cows be saved from road dwelling, plastic eating, acid attacks but violence will greatly reduce when cows and other animals will not be tied as slaves their who lives.