All funds contributed will go directly towards serving the cows, nearly all-volunteers are donating their time, as well as overhead that are directly cost required by the cows.
All donations will be for our projects:

Julian was determined not to leave Asia until lands for cows in Nepal and India were secure or lined up for our self-sustaining cow sanctuary projects. We are collaborating with cow sanctuaries in Nepal and India as well. Goals are to vastly improve the situation of the planet and help reverse global warming with proven practices done by leading scientist like (Allen Savory). Which are, to reforest deserts and to nurture tress with urine and dung simply by freeing cows into desert and wooded regions that are protected and monitored.

Ten million cows will support people and groups around the world that vow to Love, Honor, and protect cows and planet. no matter what their beliefs, creed, or caste may be. As long as they meet the guidelines of our NGO

Donation Details

For International Wires Only:SWIFT
Bank Name: Bank of America,
Account name: Ten Million Cows Inc.
Routing number: 026-009-593
Account number: Call to ask for account number 650 305 6383
Address:  3544 Pierson St. Oakland CA 94619
This is our official tax id Or EIN # for Ten Million Cows inc. to # 90-0998600 DBA Cow Service Mission.
Checks can be made and posted to Ten Million Cows Inc. 3544 Pierson St. Oakland California 94619